Our Story


When Janet McCarty rescued a little one pound dog named Cotton, she quickly found out this was the start of something special. Cotton, a boxer-pointer mix, made great progress in her first few months with Janet. But despite her healthy growth, Cotton continued to experience some health issues.

Janet, always resourceful, started creating her own solutions to treat Cotton’s ailments by testing a theory that local honey could help Cotton’s allergies, the same way it did for humans. Janet made dog treats from local farm produce, including honey, and no artificial ingredients. As Janet’s love for Cotton grew, so did an idea. Why shouldn’t all dogs have the benefit of Farm to Dog Treat? From that experiment of love, Cotton’s Café Dog Treat Barkery® was born. And Cotton, once a little one pound rescue, is now a 70 pound tail waggin’ mess! 

Now, Cotton's Cafe treats are retailed at Whole Foods, Hollywood Feed, and many other businesses across the United States! 


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