Dog Treats Every Dog Lover Should Own

Do you ever just sit and think that humans simply don't deserve dogs? I mean just think about it, the most unconditional love that you can encounter is when a dog is so excited the second you come home, and still shows the same amount of excitement and joy as the day before. They are loyal, always, always faithful, and I like to think that they love their owner more than they love themselves.

That said, shouldn't we give our furry friends the best of everything this world has to offer? Yes, we totally should. Allow me to introduce the company that strives every day to do just that: Cotton's Cafe Dog Treat Barkery. 

How did Cotton's Cafe start? 

It all began with a dog. Co-founder of Cotton's Cafe, Janet McCarty found an abandoned dog in the woods, where she found a litter of puppies days later, covered in fleas and emaciated. So, Janet decided to take one of the puppies home, later to be named Cotton. When Cotton first came home, she weighed only one pound. Like any story of recovery, the first night was long and challenging, but that same evening, Cotton's significance in the McCarty family cemented when Janet found her father lying on the couch, holding little, one pound Cotton to his chest. As Cotton began to grow into a vibrant, scraggly, four-legged ball of energy and joy, Janet realized Cotton was not the only one growing. But, despite Cotton's healthy growth, she developed health issues like sensitive stomach and was prone to severe skin breakouts. Janet decided to test a theory that local honey could help Cotton's allergies, the same way it did for humans, and she set out experimenting with dog treats made with no preservatives and natural ingredients. Guess what happened? Cotton's overall health completely improved! And just like that, their journey began. 


About Cotton's Cafe

This "a girl and her dog" company out of Oxford, Mississippi scratch-bakes healthy and all-natural dog treats. The idea that drives the business is if local honey was good for dogs, then why not use other farm fresh ingredients too? The treats are made weekly with local produce and ingredients from local Mississippi farmers! How cool is that? Instead of farm to table, it's farm to dog treat. The produce includes squash from Bost Farms, apples from Cherry Creek Orchards, sweet potatoes from Vardaman, pure honey from Deaton Farms, and along with many other local Mississippi farmers. Cotton's Cafe is very passionate about purchasing from local farms, so it further benefits the local economy. From these ingredients, Cotton's Cafe produces dog treats in the three following flavors: peanut butter honey, sweet potato honey, and blueberry honey. 

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  • I would be lost without my furbabies. I have 2 15yr old Yorkies, a 7 yr old yorkie, a lab, a Golden Retriever and a German Shorthaired Pointer. They all love your treats!! They all Thank you!

    Cathy Allen

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